“So what do you actually do?”

It is surprising how often this question is asked of the BD, Marketing or Communications person in the professional services sector.

PSBD are here to help you answer that question and then deliver the answer.

If you need your law firm or accountancy practice to understand both the difference between business development, marketing and communications and the interconnection, we can help you.  We can demonstrate the value of having a cohesive BD and marketing strategy by showing how to monetise your brand, understand how to make tangible financial returns on your efforts and help your firm to succeed.

Whether you want support in all areas or just one, we are here to help.

We provide support in all these areas:



Draw clients to you by your poised and polished performance, your reputation and your strongly identified value set.

In order to attract new clients you need to make sure you are being seen in the right places and in the right light. Where and how you position yourself in the market with your external communication and sales processes will determine the type and quality of clients that you attract. PSBD is experienced at targeting your offering at the correct sector, grouping and at individuals via the appropriate mediums, digital, traditional media, events etc. In fact you could call it; “building your brand” but we know how much you hate that terminology!



Your promises have to be seen to be believed – who will assure your clients you are the right choice for them?

Once you have attracted attention you need to assure those potential clients of your credibility. This needs to be demonstrated as well as validated especially by third parties. But in the current climate this is not just about your technical expertise and sector experience it is also about your moral code, your values and your environmental impact. The next generation of clients expect exceptional client service but also to instruct a firm that reflects their own value set.



Meeting contacts and wowing them with your stunning personality and legal acumen is great but you have to be able to convert them into clients.

To take a relationship from first meeting through to an actual instruction is a journey that can be short or long depending their need and the alignment of the stars! The key to conversion is determination. Keeping in touch and front of mind in the client without overwhelming them with communication is a delicate balance to strike. We can help you navigate through this and know when to push forward and when to pull back. Once you reach the bid or pitch stage you need to be able to showcase your understanding of their needs as well as your offering and how you will manage their delivery requirements. We have over 20 years of professional services pitch experience and can help you assess and delivery that perfect pitch.



It is far easier and more cost effective to win more work from existing clients than to win news ones. So take the right steps to keep them happy!

Once you have won the client you need to keep it. Client Relationship Management (CRM) is often a three letter acronym that people dread but in reality it is simply like any other relationship if you don’t pay attention to it – it ends. We help you manage those client relationships whether through a formal account management programme or a simple contact sheet. No firm is too small or too large not to have a strategy for managing client relationships. We can support you with the rationale for a full CRM with supporting technology or a simpler, cost effective set of tools and processes to reach your goals.