Internal Communications


It is a fact that is often overlooked but you really need to know who you are before you go to out into the market and tell everyone about yourself.  Firms who overlook this basis truth often find that their services do not live up to their brand promises.

An unhappy culture or disorganised communication structure can hamper your efforts to win business and keep clients. If your internal audience are unaware of your vision, goals, key client programmes or sector initiative they might as well not exist.

Communication methods and the appetite for them vary across firms. Whilst an all singing intranet with collaborative forums may work for one firm, meetings and poster campaigns may be better for another. With the social media explosion it is easy to assume that digital is the way forward but it can isolate some parts of your firm.

Culture and purpose have been the key tenants of internal communication and HR goals around retention of talent for many years. Whilst may feel this is a preserve of the HR department it is really important for your business development and marketing goals too. Reputation is key and an unhappy workforce can destroy a firm’s brand capital and lead to client loss. Winning work also hinges on fully engaged and positive people in the business able to believe in the service they are promoting and delivering.

PSBD work closely with HR and Talent teams and helped firms create internal communications strategies to improve BD and Marketing results.