Marketing Communications


Marketing and Communications covers a wide range of very specific skillsets that when implemented in a strategic and cohesive manner will lift your firm above the crowd and give your professionals a clear platform to stand on when attempting to attract business.

There is a common perception inn many firms that marketing = events.  Whilst a good events programme can certainly help build reputation and networks it is only one of your marketing tools.

Skills that you might require your full Marketing Communications function are:

Public Relations, Research, Advertising and Sponsorship, Digital Marketing, Branding Designers, Direct Marketing, and of course Events. But when we say Events – a good events team should be focused on the business outcomes of holding an event and not just the logistics.



Public Relations

If nobody know you exist it makes it very hard to win business. Having a good PR strategy and the right team to deliver it is vital to your success.

But public relations goes far beyond simply selling a good story to the press.  Focussing on PR at a strategic level will ensure not only positive stories and impressive thought leadership but also reputation management and strong brand protection for your firm.

PSBD can offer a wealth of experience in these skills in the professional services sector with strong relationships with sector, local and national press and media.


Digital Communications

Creating your digital strategy in the current age is more than just a fabulous website and social media plan. The methodology behind bringing your firm’s reputation to the fore in the digital arena is constantly changing as new tools and vehicles appear.  It can be daunting in an industry that has traditionally not been that comfortable with online media.

Luckily PSBD has an expert on hand to help you navigate through this ever evolving landscape.



As we have already said, in the professional services sector events are viewed as the life blood of any marketing plan.  We do not disagree that events have a hugely valuable part to play.  Whether hosting, attending, sponsoring, speaking or simply popping in – events are a great way to meet prospective clients, widen your network, raise your profile and enhance your reputation.

But the world is a busy place and it is often hard to be in all the places you need to be and also the budgets do not always stretch to the type of event you wanted.   PSBD are here to help our clients formulate a clear events strategy and determine the best return on investment for their efforts and their money.  We can also offer help planning and organising them too!


Design and Brand

You need to stand out from the crowd but in a crowded market place such as professional services it is often hard to find the distinguishing features of your firm.

Strong brands are not just logos and colours but a representation of the true values and beliefs of a firm.  PSBD can help you, from determining your brand values, through to design both physical and digital and promulgating that message through the firm and out to the world.