Pugsley Sidwell


Draw clients to you by your poised and polished performance, your reputation and your strongly identified value set.


Your promises have to be seen to be believed – who will assure your clients you are the right choice for them?


Meeting contacts and wowing them with your stunning personality and legal acumen is great but you have to be able to convert them into clients.


It is far easier and more cost effective to win more work from existing clients than to win news ones. So take the right steps to keep them happy!


What can we do for you?

Pugsley Sidwell Business Development or ‘PSBD’ is a business development, marketing and communications consultancy that provides specialist advice to the legal and wider professional services sector.

We have over 25 years’ experience in working with lawyers and accountants and offer a deep understanding of their needs and constraints when it comes to developing business, creating genuine brands and keeping clients happy.

Here at PSBD we believe that Business Development should never be PostScript to your legal work but the headline that wins you the clients you want.


Why a peacock? PSBD was founded on the premise that in order to put on a truly impressive show you need to have all your feathers looking equally fabulous.  To equate this to professional services, it is not good having a few  really impressive services if a few others look decidedly shabby. It ruins your whole pitch.  PSBD want to help all law firms to showcase all their services and their service delivery in a poised and polished manner and so help them to attract the attention of the right clients for the right reasons.